Occupational Safety & Health Consultation

Assisting organizations in meeting legal requirements and other requirements to effectively implement effective safety measures in the workplace.

Company & Machinery Registration Support

Provide support and consultation to organizations to register their machinery and facilities with various government agencies, such as DOSH, AELB, DOE, BOMBA, etc...

Initial & Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Identify and determine any significant ergonomic risk factors present in the workplace, in providing a more detailed understanding of the risks and enhance work efficiency

Chemical Health Risk Assessment

Systematic evaluation of the potential chemical exposure risks on workers' health. This evaluation helps in understanding the potential health risks associated with chemical exposure and assists organizations in making risk mitigation plans.

Chemical Exposure Monitoring Program

Measurement and assessment of chemical airborne vapors, fumes, dust particles, and mists that are exposed to employees. Aim to ensure that employee exposures are within permissible limits.

Noise Risk Assessment

Assessments help organizations in the identification of excessive noise levels exposed by employees and take action to address the company's problems.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Performance Monitoring

To measure the efficiency of the exhaust system and engineering control system in the removal of airborne contaminants (dust, mist, fume, vapor, and gas) in the workplace.

Boundary Noise Monitoring

Measurement of any unwanted sound and embraces noise from industrial sources, transportation, and domestic premises.

Ambient Air Monitoring

Collecting and measuring samples of air pollutants in the vicinity of the premises to assess the quality of the air and identify any harmful pollutants that may be present.

Indoor Air Monitoring

Measure and assess the air quality inside buildings or enclosed spaces., especially office areas to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment.

Industrial Effluent Discharge Monitoring

Monitoring the release of wastewater or effluent from industrial activities into water sources such as rivers, lakes, or sewers has complied with legal requirements.

Respiratory Mask Fit-Test Program

A protocol designed to ensure respiratory protection at the expected level by conducting a test of whether the respirator fits properly on an individual's face and measures potential leakage.

Hearing Protection Device Fit-Test Program

A measure program on the effectiveness of hearing protection devices (HPDs) by ensuring the HPDs are properly fitted and provide the intended level of noise reduction for individuals wearing them.

Personal Protective Equipment Application Risk Assessment

An assessment of PPE selection, application, maintenance, and storage does mitigate the potential hazards in a workplace to prevent the occurrence of potential injuries or illnesses.

Environmental Impact Risk Assessment

A process for estimating the likelihood or probability of an adverse outcome or event due to pressures or changes in environmental conditions resulting from human activities.